Thursday, April 29, 2010

Things I Saw

I saw a massive Book that was open. It was placed on something like a pulpit podium, or it could have been some type of throne. There was a vast area of darkness surrounding this Big Book. And the pages, of this Big Book, appeared to be glowing like a bright shining light, in this vast area of darkness. I was amazed at how this Big Book’s pages were covered, in something that looked like crystal thin ice. And, I could see writing on the Big Book’s crystal like pages. I also noticed several icicles hanging from the outside edges of this Big Book. The icicles were of various sizes in length and thickness. Some icicles were of enormous size, in their length and thickness, compared to other icicles that were shorter and thin. But, none of the larger icicles were greater in size than this Big Book. The enormous icicles were small compared to the greatness of the Big Book. It seemed to me, as if someone had poured a clear liquid like substance over the Big Book, and the clear liquid turned into crystallized ice!

~ Jonahs Sister ~

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