History and Trivia

A Historical Note: Some Bibles will have a brief synopsis of biblical history. However, anyone interested in historical facts, only need to do a little diligent research to determine if documented history will relate, in any way, to biblical history.

When we remember how modern Bibles were translated from original Greek texts, and Hebrew scrolls, we will also be aware that these same original texts and scrolls were not divided into chapters and verses the way they are divided now. These documents were written in manuscript form. For example, the First and Second Books of Samuel was originally one book, in the Hebrew Old Testament, before it was divided after being translated into Greek. And if any important information is missing during the translation, it will be revealed through the teachings of the Holy Spirit. We are told to pray for the clarity and the understanding of God’s Word, when we failed to understand or comprehend God’s Word. Satan will not be able to block information from the Holy Spirit, when we pray for spiritual understanding. Satan has tremendous power, but his power is limited to worldly knowledge. Satan is the ruler and god of this world. That authority (rulership) was given to him when he was created Lucifer. The world is Satan’s only domain!

The First Book of Samuel documents an era during the birth of Samuel to the death of Saul. First and Second Samuel is believed to be written between 931 and 722 B.C. during the era of Iron Age II. Also, it has been documented that King David was ruling over Israel during the forty-year period of (2 Samuel 2:8 - 4:12). However, David only ruled his tribe of Judah for the first seven and one-half years. {Judah, was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah (Genesis 29:35). His descendants became known as the tribe of Judah}. Later, David’s rule united the tribes. Solomon (David’s son) became king, and after Solomon died, Israel divided into the Northern and Southern Kingdoms. The tribe of Israel {Jacob, later called Israel} had its own leaders and laws. Judah became the Southern Kingdom when the Hebrew kingdom divided.

Jacob’s name means “who schemes to take the place of another” (Genesis 25:26). Jacob was the son of Isaac and Rebekah. Jacob had a twin brother name Esau whom he tricked and defrauded out of his birthright (the father’s blessing to the oldest son). We soon learned through Bible Study how this historical event would play a prominent part in Bible Prophecy. The famous story about Jacob (who married two sisters, Leah and Rachel) was briefly enacted in the blockbuster movie “One Night With The King”, as a love story narrated by Hadassah (Tiffany Dupont). The ancient story about Jacob and Esau that took place during another era, is still affecting the lives of people in this world today!

Satan never gives up on his plans to deceive people!


Fun Trivia: Do you know the meaning of your name?