Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Personal Privacy

Social Networking Privacy Issues

It has recently come to my attention that there are several people experiencing problems with social network accounts, and email passwords since the recent integration of all the major social networks! I had a problem about two weeks ago with my email account. I have yet to receive a reply, as to what the problem actually was.

And, I’ve also noticed how only certain information is being disseminated throughout the chat rooms, and other information is deleted, or withheld, and not released as part of the conversations. I just recently submitted several comments on a popular social network chat site, and all of my comments were released except one. That particular comment was only a test to see if it would make it to the chat room. And that comment was not released, as part of the chat room conversation!

Also, have anyone else been having problems with saving the disclosure settings on the email profiles in Yahoo? I’ve noticed a lot of different changes on the “Manage who sees my Updates” settings. And, after I managed the settings list, I was not able to SAVE THE CHANGES!

I just wondered if anyone else has had similar problems, before I voice a formal complaint about the issue. And, the all Yahoo! property sources are not able to be saved either. After I made my changes, for example: All preferences were currently set to “SHARING WITH ANYONE”. I don't know who set those preferences. I certainly didn't, and I was not able to save the settings, after making the necessary changes. And to be sure that I was not making a mistake, I tried saving my settings a third time. Upon the third try, the entire disclosure settings disappeared completely. I was not able to find them again!

~ Jonahs Sister ~

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