Thursday, May 20, 2010


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Jonahs Sister

This is a great era to be alive in. There are so many exciting, and wonderful things taking place in this world today. However, it still amazes me to see some people's reactions to different world events, and hear them say, "...this has never happened before!"  My only reaction is GOD IS STILL ON THE THRONE!

I would like to take this time, and apologize to my Blogging and Twitter family-friends for my being so slow in navigating worldly thinking. It is only when I go directly on to the battlefield, and into the spiritual realm with fervent prayers, that I have a cause to interact with worldly thinking! I have just now come into the realization that some of you, may still be waiting to hear from me, through Direct Messaging.

My Jonahs Sister’s mailbox account was recently tampered with, and my computer security advised me to not log into the account. I received a message saying that someone was trying to trick me, or sabotage my E-mails. I simply changed accounts. And some of my blogging followers, using that particular email account, may still be waiting for an email reply. However, I reported the problem to the proper authorities. And, it is only through sheer curiosity, that I am still waiting for a report on the situation. Perhaps, it will be something interesting enough for me to add to my book, on the subject of spiritual attacks. I will not take anything for granted. I am still having problems getting into FACEBOOK. Most of my Facebook friends are people I went to school with. They are true Nehemiah Prayer Warriors!

I was spiritually, and directly attacked by demons, before I began sharing this blogging journey with all of you. I’m fully aware of the fact that I am invading the territory of demonic forces. These demonic forces are territorial fighters. They actually fight each other, over the opportunity to seek possession over the human spirit. I learned this information from my deliverance Pastor. It was absolutely amazing for me to hear the testimonies, from various church members about their experiences, during a deliverance church service.

I’ve only witnessed one such church service myself. It took at least three Pastors, and a few other people to restrained an individual that was going through a spiritual deliverance. During that time, it was my first experience. And, I was among the people standing near the doorway ready to run. Someone had been thoughtful enough to inform us that demonic spirits jump from one person to another person, during deliverance services. So, we were standing far away enough just to observe what was happening. Small children, and babies are not allowed to attend these services.

My original plans were to include most of my journey in the first book. Because, my experiences since childhood are vast and varied, someone had suggested to me, to write two books about my experiences instead of one book. But, because I am obedient to the Word of God, I was inspired to share my journey through blogging. And, the website Smyrna Makanopy was created out of that inspiration.

Now, since I have recently learned a little about blogging, I have been thoroughly enjoying it. And, all of the negative comments have been a tremendous blessing for me. Which brings me to the core purpose of this message. I want all of you to know that I have been trying to keep up with all of the Direct Messages. Sometimes the messages come so frequently, that I am not able to read all of them in one day. It will sometimes take me at least two days to finish them. I am also currently working on a Family Blog. My family have vividly made it known to me, that I am not spending enough quality time with them. So I’ve been sharing my computer time with my immediate family, and my blogging and twitter family. Thank you, to all of you for showing me so much love. This world needs a whole lot more of it!

To my negative comments and pessimistic family, I love you too, dahlings. Don’t stop blessing me with your negative comments, and evil attacks. I’m beginning to miss them. Keep those blessings coming! And to those of you who may be hording negative spirits, I challenge you to a Bible Study session, one-on-one!

There will be people, who will be bold enough to challenge Jesus Christ when He returns! And, according to His word, the boldness of that challenge will cause their flesh to melt from their bones!

Jonahs Sister

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