Saturday, May 29, 2010

Watching and Praying

Well, sisters and brothers, I’ve been banned from two of my social networks. The Yahoo BUZZ UP social network, and the Soda social network communities. Soda is where all of my friends are, the same as once were Face Book. My Face Book friends were cut-off, for several days, from my social network activities too.

Is there a GLOBAL BLOG POLICE lurking around somewhere that I don’t know about yet? (0_0)

Oh well,


The Real Vatican Scandal

“Any right-thinking person ought to ask why the very highest officials in the Catholic Church, including the pope, would associate with and even protect Croatian fascists.”

From The Editor: Gerald Flurry, Editor in Chief
The Philadelphia Trumpet, May/June 2010



I wonder if the people, who constantly keep calling me, know that I’m listed on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY 1-888-382-1222. (o_0)

I now have the legal right to sue anyone who constantly keeps calling me, without my permission.

~ Jonahs Sister ~

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