Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I Saw and Heard...

I am swiftly walking through the kitchen towards the back door, of my maternal grandmother’s home. I open the door, and notice that it’s nighttime outside. I see a tremendous crowd of people standing in my grandmother’s backyard. The crowd is standing sideways looking to my right, and their faces are looking up at the sky. It appears as if a brilliant moonlike glow is shining down, on all of their faces, directly from the sky. I am looking at the faces of the people. Their faces appear to be the only thing that is highlighted by this brilliant light coming from the night sky. Everything else about the backyard scene appears dark, and shadowy. The people are laughing, smiling, and talking among themselves. I can hear the roar of chatter among the audience. I notice, from my observance of their faces that the people are of various racial backgrounds, or cultures. All of a sudden, I see a look of terror come across the face of everyone in the crowd. The people start screaming, as they scatter, and run away in different directions. I lean slightly forward from the doorway, and holding onto the doorpost, I look up at the sky, with my head turned towards my right shoulder. Trying to see what it is that scared the crowd of people, all of a sudden. I don’t see a brilliant light shining from the sky anymore. I see a complete darkened sky. Also, I see the moon in the night sky. The moon is very strange, and weird looking. The color of the moon is red! And there is a trail of red colored, strange looking smoke coming from the moon. The smoke is very similar to a type of smoke coming from a fireplace chimney. This smoke is moving very, very slow in a “snake” like winding trail towards the earth!

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