Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I Saw and Things I Heard

Several years later, apart from the vision that I observed from my grandmother’s backyard, I had another strange vision. This vision is the most troubling one, of all the other visions that I’ve ever had. The vision still brings tears to my eyes when ever I think about it.

The entire earth is totally dark. There is no light of any source that can be seen anywhere. I see massive, literally more than billions of people in piles, on top of each other. This vision is worst than any documented disaster ever known to mankind, anywhere in this earth's history, past or present. I would even go as far, as to say that not even Hollywood could stage such a disaster, in any stretch of the human imaginations. There are just no earthly words that can be found that will describe this completely total earthly destruction.

Directly in front of me, I see an unnumbered mass of human bodies in a gigantic dark pit. A tiny glimmer of light, that’s an eerie looking glow, enables me to see the faces, of the mass of human bodies. As I have said before, it’s very difficult for me to write, or even talk about this particular vision. It is because, I’ve been told to share my personal spiritual experiences, with the world, that I am making every effort to do just that. I see a mass of human bodies in a dark location that looks like some type of pit, and these human bodies appear to be writhing in both pain, and pleasure. I say pleasure, because, the facial expression, on some of them, seem to have an ecstasy like appearance. And the faces of others appear to be either sleeping, or dead. The bodies that still seem to be alive appear to be mixed together with the dead bodies, as though the bodies that are squirming around in the pit, with other bodies on top of them, are in the processing of dying.

I slowly turn around, and look behind me. I can see a red dawn like horizon in the far off distance. As I continue looking around at a completely darkened earth, I spot the silhouette of only one large tree in the distance. I can even see a span of barren tree branches, from the silhouette of this one tree. I began to walk in the direction of the tree.

Almost immediately, I’m standing very close to the tree that I previously saw far off, from a great distance. This tree is the only one seen, on the earth. It is completely barren, and stripped of any leaves. And, all of the tree branches are very large in size, as well. It reminds me of a tree that has lost all of its leaves during the winter season. Suddenly, I hear a whimper, coming from the vicinity of the tree. It sounds like someone is crying. I glance around to my right, and I can hear the sound of swift movement above my head. Moving closer to the tree, my eyes penetrate the thick darkness, trying to determine where the whimpering sound is coming from.

I am suddenly looking at a pair of large, oval white eyes. The eyes are the only thing that can be seen, in total darkness. And the eyes are the most weirdest, strangest, and un-humanlike eyes of any “being” that I’ve never seen before anywhere in the world. But, I can see extreme sadness in the eyes of this particular “being”. And, somehow, I can clearly understand, and tell that this “being” is suffering tremendous pain because of all the death, devastation, and destruction over the entire earth. After, I looked into its eyes, it tried to run away from me, but there was nowhere for it to run away to, or hide. The “being” jumped, from one branch, to another branch, as if it was strictly confined to the tree that it was perched on. From the “being’s” shadowed body, I could tell that it was very small in stature. It was only about two or three feet in length at the most!

All of my visions have been vivid, and clear with some amazing details. It has been as if, I was watching all of these things, as they were happening, in a panoramic scene.

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