Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things I Saw...

I was residing in Dallas, Texas, at the time, when I had this particular vision.

I see a crystal globe of light slowly coming through the front door, and swiftly floating inside our home. The door is closed, and locked! The light has a soft bluish glow to it, and the shape of it is round, looking like it’s about the size of a golf ball. Immediately, I yell for my mother, “Come look!” She appears quickly, and stands next to me, at my right side. Standing extremely close to each other, we are both silent as we stare at, and observe the object that has just landed, in the center of our living room floor.

Cautiously, I slightly bend over forward to get a closer look at the mysterious object of light, and quietly ask, “What is it?” “I don’t know”, my mother softly whispers to me. So, I suddenly become brave enough to touch the object of bluish crystal light. Quickly, my mother grabs my hand, pulling me away from the mysterious globe of light, “Don’t touch it!” she yells.

Suddenly, the small globe of light lifts itself from its position on the floor, and swiftly floats towards the front door, as it completely disappears after going through the stilled locked door. The mysterious globe of light is going outside, of our home, the exact same way that it had come inside.

My mother, and I walk over to the front door, and open the door to see what happened to the globe of mysterious light. We are totally amazed and shocked, at what we see going on outdoors. It’s nighttime, and it appears to be very unusually darker than it normally would be during the night. It's almost like the pitch-black darkness, in a rural country area, without streetlights or any other sources of outside lighting. Also, the darkness outside looks like a rural country road when you’re driving, and briefly turn off the car’s headlights. And, it appears as if billions of stars are literally falling from a black sky. The atmosphere is thickly filled with unnumbered globes of bursting bluish lights, just like the one I saw coming inside of our home, and briefly settled itself on the living room floor. However, there are other objects of lights, varying in different sizes, and color variations. All of these lights appear to be nearly the same color, except for many of them being much brighter than some of the others are. It looks like there is some type of war going on, right outside our front door! Also, the many different sizes of bluish light objects remind me of a 4th of July fireworks show. But, instead of the fireworks shooting upward, they are all coming down from the sky like rain!

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